This is a game is for Android OS. The project was compiled for Adobe Air and was published to *.apk file. Adobe Air Runtime was also integrated into *.apk file, so you don not need to install Adobe Air on your device.

It is puzzle game for android,and also is gaining popularity,other side,it can help you earn some $$$.So do not wait for another opportunity and come ride the wave with us.

This is an interesting game,there are twenty-six letters,meanwhile,there are twenty-six balls,and each letter on the each ball.


Here is this game on Flash: http://activeden.net/item/shoot-the-ball/2931732

Here is APK file: http://appdemo.wavesnows.com/apks/bubble.apk

Admob Supported!

Update is free!

Include Document to help.



1.click the start button and play the game.
2.you can click the ball,if you click ball’s letter now is and the same the shoot text,you can get score.
3.The game has the time limit,this is 30s.
4.The time is up,this game is over.
5. Puzzle and interesting Game.
6. Easy to change it to any platform.
7. Use Flash cc or cs6 edit.
8. Eeay to change it for ios,then upload App Store.
9. Admob supported.
10. Include Document to help.


If you have any questions,please contact me freely,Thanks for your visit.


Bubble - 1

Bubble - 2

Bubble - 3

Bubble - 4Packs