Shazum – Android app to Recognize Music, Discover Songs, Albums, Artists and Charts



Shazum – Android app to identify and recognize music playing around you. The customizable audio recognition application to build your own music recognition app able to recognize millions of songs, play the preview of the song, watch the music video on youtube and even see trending and hot songs and many more features.

Build your own Shazam style application with deezer integration. With Google admob integration, monetising of your app is easy.


  • Recognize song from audio
  • View the Album of the song
  • View the artist of the song
  • Get the top songs and albums of the artist
  • View trending and hot songs on the chart
  • View trending and hot albums on the chart
  • View trending and hot artists on the chart
  • Play youtube video of the song
  • Add song to library for offline viewing
  • Open song in Spotify
  • Open song in Deezer
  • Admob integrated with Adaptive banner
  • Easily disable or enable admob

Extended License


  • Play song preview
    Stream and Listen to a preview of the song inside the app.
  • Search for songs, artists or album
    Users will be able to search for a song by name or search for an album or an artist using text instead of only audio.

Once you purchase an extended license. Write an email to with your extended license purchase code in the message. Our team will get back to you and send you the files to replace.