Offers & Deals – Advanced Order System – Native Apps iOS & Android


– Version: 1.1 – Youtube Channel Support Ticket Plateform

– Last update: 23/06/2020
– Files Included: Full Android Source Code, Full IOS Source Code , Full PHP script for dashboard, Project Documentation ( installation & configuration guide )
– This is Exclusive Product Licence from Envato.

DEALS APP is an exceptional and powerful online platform, with a smart search-&-find function, that locates the perfect business (Restaurants, Hotels, Grocery stores, Supermarkets, Job recruitment firms/companies) and deals in a specific area.
Why Deals app ? It is smart, reliable and efficient.

Dealify - Stores, Offers, Deals & Advanced Order System - Native Apps iOS & Android - 1

Dealify - Stores, Offers, Deals & Advanced Order System - Native Apps iOS & Android - 2

Android and IOS Apps Features

  • Google Directions.
  • Chat Realtime & Unlimited
  • Paypal, credit cards integration.
  • Cash on delivery and payment on pickup methods
  • Integrate commission for each item
  • Checkout
  • Notifications
  • Top quality, clean code created by experienced senior Android developer
  • Google Maps for showing restaurants on the maps with direction to them
  • User Profile
  • User Orders
  • User Favorites Business
  • Push notification using FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)
  • Permanent data storage (chat messages, stores and event informations) on a MYSQL database
  • Login
  • Register
  • Forgot password
  • Home
  • Market Details
  • Maps Explorer
  • Easy to restyle and theming by on your branding sites.
  • Awesome animations are ready to use: Parallax Animations, Sliding & Swiping animations
  • Currency management
  • Custom offers
  • Support RTL languages (Arabic, Farisi…)
  • AdMob
  • Navigation drawer menu with categories
  • Cool Mobile UI Interaction
  • Material Design pattern
  • Pull Down Bouncy UI.
  • Share to Facebook
  • Share to Twitter
  • Call Integration
  • SMS Integration
  • Advance Search
  • About Us Panel Added
  • Image Pinch and Zoom
  • Well documented
  • Participate to the event
  • Upcoming events near you
  • Parallax scrolling effect
  • App Settings
  • App Languages
  • Help & Supports
  • Account Settings

Web Admin Features

  • Simple and Attractive Admin Panel.
  • Create and manage custom fields associated to the offers detail for better targeting
  • Display businesses ,deals , earning , orders and customers using the app
  • Manage customers and Role and permission
  • Manage Stores , Orders , Payout , categories , Offers and more
  • Secure all communications between the Web admin and android & iOS apps with an API key
  • Easily integrate new languages to your app
  • Manage all the content created by your customers, edit the number of stores , offers, compagin … created
    by each one so quickly
  • Use your phone where you are to manage your application and stay tuned to all your customer’s thanks to the
    responsive dashboard
  • Stay tuned to your customers by answering their messages directly from dashboard

What you get

  • Full Applications Android + iOS Source Code
  • Full PHP source code for the backend
  • Project Documentation ( installation & configuration guide )

Demo APK:

Dealify - Stores, Offers, Deals & Advanced Order System - Native Apps iOS & Android - 3

Demo iOS using TestFlight:

Dealify - Stores, Offers, Deals & Advanced Order System - Native Apps iOS & Android - 4

Demo Admin :

Admin URL:

Username: admin
Password: 123456

Username: owner
Password: 123456

Note: This account gives you only limited access to see the dashboard with the features that have, you
will not be allowed to change any information through the demo version.
To get more accessibility please create a customer account to be able to create and edit the content in the

Features 1


——————————— Change log & Upgrading ———————————————————

V1.1 – 21/06/2020

New Features :
- Integrate commission for offers .

- Migrate from fabric to Crashlytics
- Custom field cash support 
- Clear search filter on both stores and offers list
- Geo business map improvement , offers section
- Updating Firebase apis

Bugs fixed: 
- Fixing bugs related to taxes
- Fixing technical issues reported from Crashlytics

Changed files log included in the project.